Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I usually don't use the "f" word but nothing makes me want to say it more than the bleeping F chord. It is the f-ing F chord.

The dreadful little string combination that worms it's way into some of my favorite songs is a severe mistress. It demands that fingers must reach places they were never meant to reach. The index finger must hold down the first two strings in the first fret; the middle finger is assigned to holding down the third string and the ring finger, the fourth string. And the thumb muffling the sixth string. The hand, all bunched up around the guitar neck, looks more like a claw racked with arthritis or carpal-tunnel at the very least. In fact, I believe the F chord may be a suspect in the cause these two ailments. If I smashed my hand with a hammer and asked a surgeon to set it with fingers splayed abnormally apart, perhaps then I could finger an F chord.

Until then or until I back over my guitar with my car, I am at the F chord's will. It holds a valuable ransom - I can't play "Rhinnanon" without it. Practice may make perfect, but the f-ing F chord is making me crazy!


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